Entrepreneurs and Investors

The focus of the MINT program is to develop minimally invasive new technologies which address significant unmet clinical needs. In order for the MINT program to be a success, we recognize that all our products must have a clear path to commercialization. We seek to provide everything that entrepreneurs and investors will need to license our technologies and rapidly bring our products to market.

At MINT our team of engineers and clinicians take high level concepts and begin to refine these through modelling, prototyping and testing. As part of our initial development work we also look to protect the intellectual property of our ideas with an aggressive patent filing strategy.

We work in close partnership with our external patent counsel and the Cornell University Center for Technology Licensing who own our intellectual property portfolio.

Alongside the technical and intellectual property work we also create a robust business plan for each project. We spend time understanding the market opportunity and develop a regulatory and reimbursement strategy which will support commercialization.

In addition to all the work MINT undertakes prior to licensing our technologies we also support the ongoing development work through research alliance agreements.

You can learn more about our current projects.

You can learn more about our intellectual property portfolio.

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