The MINT Process

A structured and rigorous development process guides MINT inventions. From an idea conceived in the operating room, interventional suite, or MINT boardroom, the team evaluates and refines concepts - incorporating clinical, engineering, intellectual property, and business strategy perspectives at each phase throughout the process.

  • Phase 0: Identifying Unmet Clinical Needs
  • Phase 1: Concept Generation
  • Phase 2: Device Development and Testing
  • Phase 3: Commercialization

Clearly articulated milestones at each step enable the MINT team to evaluate project progress and the value created at each phase of the development process.

Scientific and financial advisors review both new and ongoing projects and provide valuable input that guides technical and business development.

MINT Medical Device Projects Must:

  • Address significant unmet clinical needs
  • Enable novel, minimally invasive procedures
  • Generate healthcare system savings by improving patient outcomes, reducing costs, or both

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