MINT Technologies

The Minimally Invasive New Technologies (MINT) team is currently developing new tools, procedures and technologies to enable treatment of complex GI and vascular conditions

Endolumenal Surgical Platform

Endolumenal Surgical Platform

MINT has developed the Endolumenal Surgical Platform, allowing GI surgeries to be performed entirely from within the channel of the intestine – shortening hospital stays and reducing healthcare costs.

Vascular Graft

SpiderGraft is a novel biocompatible, hemocompatible, thrombus resistant vascular graft that more closely resembles the properties of human vessels when compared to commercial PTFE grafts.


MINT has developed the Sphere Endovascular Flow Diverter: a novel, minimally invasive flow-diverter/coil-containment device designed for the treatment of cerebral aneurysms at vessel bifurcations.

Other Technologies

Find out about MINT's other technologies and innovations.

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