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Sphere Technology Patent Issued in the United States

We are excited to announce that a new patent for our Spherical Aneurysm Device technology for the treatment of cerebral aneurysms has issued in the United States.

The MINT team is developing a set of next-generation flow diverting devices to treat complex cerebral aneurysms located at vessel bifurcations.  The spherical shape of the devices enable clinicians to endovascularly treat a wide range of aneurysms, including aneurysms with challenging geometries or locations within the cerebral vasculature.  Approximately 70% of all cerebral aneurysms are located at vessel bifurcations. Currently, there are no endovascular devices that are designed to treat bifurcation aneurysms by treating the neck and avoiding contact inside the aneurysm.  Sphere is a dynamic device, self-forming and self-seating, and is a novel approach to the treatment of cerebral aneurysms.

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The patent, US 8,956,475 B2, titled “Method and apparatus for restricting flow through an opening in the side wall of a body lumen, and/or for reinforcing a weakness in the side wall of a body lumen, while still maintaining substantially normal flow through the body lumen” adds strength to the novel manufacturing process of the Spherical Aneurysm Device.

The MINT Program now has 6 issued patents in the United States, 1 issued patent in Japan, and 21 active patents pending in the US and world-wide.