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ESP Technology Patent Issued in the United States

A new patent for our Endolumenal Surgical Platform (ESP) technology has issued today by The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

ESP is a medical device developed by MINT that works in conjunction with current endoscopes to significantly enhance endoscopy and polypectomy, enabling endolumenal treatment of challenging polyps that were formerly referred to surgery. We estimate that in the US alone some 40,000 open surgeries for the removal of difficult polyps could be converted to endolumenal procedures, decreasing hospital stay from 8 to 2 days and saving the US Health Care System some $ 640 million annually.

ESP is the foundation for MINT innovation in the GI field – providing an endolumenal surgical platform that will revolutionize GI surgery.

ESP will offer:

  • Improved visualization
  • Improved stability

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The patent which issued on March 17, 2015 as US 8,979,884 covers:

  • Dual balloons mounted on an endoscope with the fore balloon capable of being deployed from a deflated, low profile originating from the scope body.  These inflatable balloons create a therapeutic zone that provides, sealing, stabilization and visual enhancement.

The MINT Program now has 7 issued patents in the United States, 1 issued patent in Japan, and 20 active patents pending in the US and world-wide.