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Redefining Intestinal Surgery

Intestinal surgery today is largely defined by traditional open or laparoscopic (keyhole) surgical procedures.  Endolumenal surgery instead focuses on performing precise, customized treatments from within the channel (lumen) of the intestine.  While the endolumenal surgical field is emerging, its progress is limited by the lack of tools to enable these minimally invasive approaches.  MINT’s goal is to develop novel endolumenal procedures and the tools that facilitate them – completely shifting the GI surgical paradigm away from traditional surgery to an endolumenal one. One that minimises incisions, preserves healthy intestinal tissue, reduces the need for anesthesia, reduces healthcare costs, and significantly improves patient outcomes.

Our GI Technologies

ESP (Endolumenal Surgical Platform)

A disposable device that fits over commercially available endoscopes to dramatically improve diagnostic and therapeutic capabilities inside the channel of the intestine. 

Pipeline Products (GI)

ESP+ (Endolumenal Surgical Platform Plus)

A technology which will enable clinicians to simultaneously deliver multiple surgical tools into ESP’s therapeutic zone to perform advanced endolumenal surgical procedures. 

FAST (Flexible Articulating Surgical Tools)

Novel instruments which are designed to work in conjunction with ESP+ and to flexibly traverse the colon alongside standard endoscopes which will enable increasingly complex procedures.