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US 8,728,141 B2 (2014)

Cerebral Aneurysm Device
Method and apparatus for sealing an opening in the side wall of a body lumen, and/or for reinforcing a weakness in the side wall of a body lumen, while maintaining substantially normal flow through the body lumen
US 8,728,141 B2
An expandable spherical structure for deployment in a blood vessel or other body lumen, comprising:
  • an open frame configured to assume a collapsed configuration and an expanded configuration; and
  • a closed face carried by the open frame;
  • wherein the open frame is configured so as to permit substantially normal flow therethrough when the open frame is in its expanded configuration, and further wherein the closed face is configured so as to obstruct flow therethrough.
Publication number: 
US 8,728,141 B2
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Application number: 
US 12/332,727
Publication Date: 
May 20, 2014
Priority date: 
December 11, 2007
Filing date: 
December 11, 2008